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Wine Shop

In the beautiful setting of the Upper City of Bergamo, there is a place where people still try precious and rare flavours, a place where it's very important the quality of what you drink and eat.

It's Our Tasting "Al Donizetti"

Never tired of proposing delicacies for the palate, we decided to offer the opportunity to taste our WINES, even for those far from us (or just do not want to leave the house) through our online store.

"Al Donizetti" is now On Line, with a website for the sale of Italian and French wines.

When you don't have time, when you don't want to give up a chance to drink some good wine at home, when you want to give a good wine to your friends, when you want to make gifts to your customers, or when you want to get a special bottle ... take advantage.

Visit our website, and order from the comfort of your computer, choosing among our large range of champagne, brandy and wines.

Service and quality are guaranteed by our experience of 25 years.

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